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"A cacao bean  from one of the most inaccessible areas of the cacao growing world."


Caicara del Orinoco is a primary strain that is part of the “Forasteros del Alto Amazonas” group.


Caicara del Orinoco is a fully flavoured exotic Criollo cacao with a strong floral flavour. Due to its low astringency and low acidity, the soft fruit flavour can be fully appreciated.


This cacao is produced deep within Bolivar State in Venezuela, part of the Amazon rainforest.  Its name is inspired by the town where it is collected, close to the “Orinoco River”. The beans have undergone a fermentation process of 6 to 8 days.


The beans are cultivated by a tribe of indigenous people called “Piaroas”. Piaroa means “ masters of the forest”.

Approximately 60 families are part of the main indigenous farming community in this  region.


It is a 13 hour trip to transport the beans from the most important productive area “Sabana Cardona” to “Caicara del Orinoco”.


The road has approximately 14 bridges, often in precarious condition making this place one of the most inaccessible areas of the cacao growing world.


The frequent collapse of the bridges adversely impacts the Piaroa’s indigenous economy. As result, with the cooperation with the National Aviation force, effort is being to transport the beans in the future by helicopter in the future.

Origin: VEnezuela

TYPE: Wild grown forastero

AVERAGE bean weight: 1.31 grams


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