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Origin: VEnezuela
TYPE: Hybrid - trinitario  
AVERAGE bean weight: 1.06 grams


"Carenero superior has complex aromatic notes."

The cacao from Carenero is a hybrid from Trinitario and local Criollo cacao trees that grow in the region. It has complex aromatic notes.


The fermentation process is done by removing the cacao seeds from their pods and placing them in large wooden boxes on the plantation.


Drying is achieved by the sun resulting in a higher quality of cacao and undesirable odours are avoided.


The beans are sourced from Barlovento. Barlovento is located on the north-central coast of Venezuela.  The production areas include Caucagua, Panarique, El Clavo, El Jovito, Tacarigua, Rio Chico and Carenero.  Carenero refers to the port where the beans were once shipped from.

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