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we can supply our customers with a wide variety of cocoa subproducts, cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cake and nibs. Certifications available for the cacao derivatives: Organic, Fairtrade, RFA and UTZ.

Cacoa Powder

We offer 10-12% natural and 10-12 % alkalized cacao powder in 25 kg bags and larger bags.


Minimum order 1 MT


Cacoa Liquor

We offer single origin cacao liquors delivered in bulk, 25 kg blocks and chunks. The origins available for the cocoa liquor are:


  • Organic Madagascar

  • Organic Ghana

  • Organic Fairtrade Togo

  • Organic Tanzania

  • Organic Peru (fino)

  • Organic Nicaragua

  • Organic Sao Tome

  • Organic Dominican Republic


Minimum order 1 MT


Cacoa Butter



We offer natural and deodorized cocoa butter and single origin butter upon request.

Minimum order 1 pallet.

  1. Send us an email naming the sub-product(s) you want to receive.

  2. Don't forget to mention the amount and the address.

  3. We will send you an invoice.
  4. Once the invoice is paid the product(s) will be on their way!


Bedankt! Bericht verzonden.

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