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Origin: VEnezuela

TYPE: hybrid - trinitario 

AVERAGE bean weight: 1.15 grams


"Already in 1738 The town had 1,000 inhabitants who lived from the cultivation of cocoa and cotton."

The cacao from Macuro is a variety made from crossbreeding the old Criollo cacao bean from the north eastern region of Venezuela and the robust Forastero from the lower Amazon region.


The beans grow only a few kilometers  from the island of Trinidad on the south-west side of the Paria Peninsula, in Sucre state.


The fermentation process is done by removing the cacao seeds from their pods and placing them in large wooden boxes on the plantation.


Drying is achieved by the sun resulting in a higher quality of cacao and undesirable odours are avoided.


Macuro is the town where Christopher Columbus arrived to Venezuela for the first time, originally he called it "Land of grace".

Macuro is a bay where the  indigenous tribe of the Rio Caribe was settled. According to historical sources, the tribe was already performing trading activities with with cacao, these great voyagers broad the beans to the islands of Margarita, Trinidad and Barbados.


Macuro was founded in 1738 with the name of San Carlos Borromeo de Macuro.  The town had 1,000 inhabitants who lived from the cultivation of cocoa and cotton, but such population almost disappeared by an epidemic of smallpox.


At the end of the 19th century, Macuro became a thriving port and the center for the collection of all cocoa and coffee produced in the region of Paria. Later such activities were attributed to the port of Guiria.

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