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Origin: VEnezuela

TYPE: Hybrid - Trinitario

AVERAGE bean weight: 1.18 grams


"It is grown in the mountains  under a post-harvest process that preserves its colonial tradition."

It is a variety originated from Criollo trees crossed with Forasteros and  Trinitario, a blend of Ocumare 61 and Ocumare 67. A relatively high percentage of Criollo beans can be found, approximately 20%.


The rarity of its cultivation makes Ocumare a highly precious cacao. It is grown in the mountains (there are only in few places in the world cocoa is grown in the mountains) under a post-harvest process that preserves its colonial tradition.


Beans  are fermented in series of wooden boxes covered with banana leaves. After 48 hours, they are moved to the next wooden box. On the sixth day, beans are spread evenly across large cement beds for four days. After cleaned,  the cacao is packed in large burlap sacks for sale within Venezuela and around the world to the premium cacao market.


It has a strong floral and fruity aroma with tones of cashew nuts and cream.


Ocumare de la Costa is a small coastal town located in north of Aragua, Venezuela. Cacao trees are grown in farms in the Municipality of Costa de Oro.

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