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Origin: BRAZIL
TYPE: Hybrid - trinitario
AVERAGE bean weight: 1,12 grams


"cabruca stRives not only for the preservation
of rainforests and 
animals, but also for the
diversification of crops"


The cacao from Sul da Bahia is a blend of varieties, 70% Trinitario, 29% Forastero, 1% Catongo.   


These is a very aromatic type of cacao that gives firm notes of chocolate, but what makes this cacao very special is that it is grown in the Carbruca system.

Cabruca is an agroforestry system in which the cacao tree is planted under the shade of the thinned native forest. The cacao tree coexist in harmony with other Atlantic Forest trees. 


Agroforestry systems contributes to climate change mitigation as they are a long term sink for carbon.

The system also provides diversification of crops, mostly fruits and spices, all what the communities produce is 100% organic.  


The fermentation process is done by removing the cacao seeds from their pods and placing them in large wooden boxes for 6-8 days. 


Drying is achieved by the sun on drying decks. Also, artificial is used in humid and raining days.


Cabruca is located in the central corridor of the southern forest in the South of Bahia. 

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