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Origin: Nicaragua
TYPE: Hybrid - Trinitario
AVERAGE bean weight: 1.18 grams


"a unique flavor characterized by notes of tropical fruits, passion fruit with light nutty taste"

This Nicaraguan cacao offers a unique flavor characterized by notes of tropical fruits, citrus with a light nutty and red wine flavor. This combination of aromas and flavors allows craft chocolate makers the opportunity to create truly exceptional chocolate with unique character.

The beans are sourced from the small scale farmer program. A program that involves over 600 participants. A model that produces exceptionally high - quality, premium certified cacao beans while measurably improving farmer income and promoting organic and regenerative practices

It is produced by farmers that carefully ensure that only ripe healthy fruits are selected.

Pods are broken and the seeds are extracted before being placed in clean fermentation drawers.


The wet mass is then inoculated with yeast typical of the productions region, which guarantees the development of aroma and flavors during the fermentation process. The sweet taste of the pulp gradually transforms and give rise to a unique flavor profile in beans.


Fermentation is continually monitored to achieve uniform fermentation.

Drying is controlled naturally to ensure moisture extraction without significant loss of taste or aroma. 

Finally,  the beans are subject to rigorous organoleptic evaluation by a tasting panel in order to maintain consistency and quality in all lots.

Tuma - La Dalia, Waslala and Matagalpa are the main areas where these beans are sourced.  

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