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Origin: VEnezuela

TYPE: ancestral criollo  

AVERAGE bean weight: 1.06 grams


"Due to its limited supply, the beans are reserved for the most demanding bean-to-bar master chocolatiers"  

Porcelana is a genetically pure strain of the Criollo bean from the Andean region of Venezuela. Among the rarest and most expensive of all beans in the world, Porcelana is so name for the pale, almost white-coloured interior of the beans (although the nibs produce regular-coloured cacao).

The fermentation process is done by removing the cacao seeds from their pods and placing them in large wooden boxes on the plantation.

Porcelana cacao was grown in the south western region of Venezuela in pre-Columbian times. According to historical sources, this cacao was being grown in the same area where Porcelana grows today.


The beans are sourced from small fields close to Lake Maracaibo-Zulia as well as from Merida and Táchira.


Due to its limited supply, the beans are reserved for the most demanding bean-to-bar master chocolatiers. Stay in contact with us for updates regarding availability.

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