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Origin: VEnezuela

TYPE: Hybrid - Trinitario  

AVERAGE bean weight: 1.31 grams


"Puerto Cabello was a favorite growing region for the Spanish Crown."

The Trinitario cacao beans from Puerto Cabello is classified as noble. It is grown in the tropical climate under the influence of the hot sun and the sea.


The beans are large sized, dark violet and with a tan color. They have delicate aromas that contain a penetrating cocoa flavour and the subtlety of citrus and sweet fruits.


The cacao of Puerto Cabello goes through an exhaustive process of fermentation of 5 and 6 days in wooden boxes covered with leaves. The turning process of the beans is done every 24 hours. The drying is achieved by exposing the beans to the sun for 5 days, 3 hours every day in large colonial courtyards.


The port city of Puerto Cabello, around which cocoa plantations are, is situated on the northern coastal center mountain range in Carabobo.


There is always an amazing story behind the best cacaos that tells of the first years of the new continent, America. Puerto Cabello was a favourite growing region for the Spanish Crown, which was once the largest producer.

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