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Origin: VEnezuela

TYPE: Hybrid - trinitario  

AVERAGE bean weight: 1.19 grams


"the trincheras cacao culture is dating back to the 17th century." 

The cacao Trincheras comes from a very old hacienda that produces fantastic beans. Nowadays the town is known for the healing thermal waters that run out from under the town but in its history there is a cacao culture dating back to the 17th century.


Many European Master chocolatiers from Europe who have used it the production of their craft chocolate, have been recognized with the "Academy of Chocolat-Bean-to-bar Best Dark Chocolate Award". Without a doubt, it is one of the most appreciated.


Trincheras is located high in the rainforest hills, 16 Km from the ocean. The cacao plantations are located in Carabobo state.

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