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Origin: VEnezuela

TYPE: hybrid- trinitario

AVERAGE bean weight: 1.15 grams


"Yaguaraparo is a variety made from crossbreeding"

The cacao from Yaguaraparo is a variety made from crossbreeding the old Criollo cacao bean from the north eastern region of Venezuela and the robust Forastero from the lower Amazon region. Technically, it is a cross between Ocumare 61 x IMC 67 (combining cream factor from the former and fruit from the latter) + an Amazon strain from Surinam. It is better known as Rio Caribe.


The fermentation process is done by removing the cacao seeds from their pods and placing them in large wooden boxes on the plantation.


Drying is achieved by the sun resulting in a higher quality of cacao and undesirable odours are avoided.


Río Caribe is a fishing town located in the northeastern region of Venezuela, in the Paria peninzula, and it is the name of a cacao plantation zone surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Orinoco Delta. This area includes the following towns: Yaguaraparo, Irapa, Güiria and El Pilar.

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